What Is the UK Gambling Commission?

uk gambling commission

The UK Gambling Commission is a regulatory body that is responsible for licensing and regulating online casino sites in the UK. If you are trying to set up an online gambling business, they can help you to find out exactly what kind of license you need.

They also help the public by distributing information about gambling. The commission is responsible for regulating arcades, betting, bingo, casinos, slot machines, and lotteries. Not only do they issue licenses to gambling companies, but they also advise the UK government on all matters related to gambling.

Big Fines

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When online casinos based in the UK are not run according to the laws and regulations, you can expect a visit from the UK Gambling Commission. Quite often, you will see companies receiving some pretty hefty fines.

For example, in recent years, there has been a crackdown on bonus offers and terms. The commission conducted an investigation into casino bonuses and they found that many casino sites were deliberately hiding their bonus terms and making them difficult to understand.

This led to players thinking they had fulfilled the wagering requirements for a bonus when they actually hadn't. Since this practice was cracked down on, many sites decided to remove their bonus offers altogether. It also led to some gambling houses taking a fairer approach to displaying their offers.

An Example

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Recently, a land-based casino called Silverbond Enterprises received a hefty £1.8 million fine. The UK Gambling Commission investigated the casino and found that they were in violation of several key regulations.

Firstly, they had failed in their responsibility to recognize problem gambling. The report from the commission stated that customers displayed violent behaviors and a customer was seen to be asking for his winnings to be transferred to his personal account so he couldn't play any further.

Also, it was found that the company wasn't doing their due diligence with regards to anti-money laundering laws. In the UK, gambling providers are required to demonstrate that they take measures to prevent money laundering through their organization.


Not only is the UK Gambling Commission responsible for regulating the industry, but they are also known for their expertise on the gambling industry. They provide a wide variety of stats and research that is highly useful to anyone who has an interest in the gambling industry.

If you are interested in seeing some of their research, you can find it all gathered on their website.

Safe Gambling

The commission also takes responsibility for helping gamblers in the UK to stay safe. For example, they make consumers aware of various scams and frauds that are targeting gamblers and they also publish information that can help you if you are a problem gambler.

Make a Complaint

If you are being ripped off by a casino site, you might want to consider filing a report on the UK Gambling Commission's website. They always welcome any information about gambling sites that are not being run properly.